I should have asked her to get more alcohol. And also fries.

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My sister is bringing my french fries. I’ve forgiven her for calling me a little “can’t remember” shit. Then again it might just be the wine talking and I haven’t forgiven her for anything so she can go suck my dick.

Everyone should watch Broad City. Right now.

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These basic bitches

The office I work at is open on this snow day,but on a special alert that means if conditions suck where you are not to come in. It suck where I’m at and I don’t want to drive in my crap to work. It most likely wouldn’t be pretty. I feel kinda bad because we’ve had a lot of snow where the office is still open and I’ve called off. Why don’t they just close the office? If the majority of people can’t make it in what’s the point of being open in the first place?

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He made me think of all the books I hadn’t read, and all the ones I’d read but hadn’t fully understood.
— Tom Perrotta, Joe College (via observando)
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Bright Star (2009)


Bright Star (2009)

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I find out about getting into grad school sometime during the first week of March. I really hope I get in. I might shit some bricks if I don’t.